Your database on the WWW

Would you like to give your representatives on the road online access to company databases? Do you need product availability information on the web using your supply management software? Would you like to publish company news on your site without outside support? Do you need an online shop?
We provide services tailored to meet your needs. We generally apply solutions in Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) to fulfill even the highest security demands. For small-scale applications we incorporate servlets, java server pages or PHP.

Database application programming

Do you have a database with a user interface that no longer fulfills your needs? Do you want better and more useful ways to query your data? Would you like a central storage site for your customer data that can be accessed by various applications? Are you looking for a way to organize your addresses that is faster and more reliable than a simple spreadsheet?
We produce applications that give you quick, comfortable access to your data. We use the programming language of your choice, be it Java, C/C++ or VBA. We can modify existing databases or custom design new databases to meet your demands. We can even extend your existing database to store additional data. We support databases by Oracle, Microsoft (Access and SQL Server), mySQL, Interbase, Paradox, dBASE and others. Moreover, we can implement different user groups and prepare your database for Internet access.

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